Guitar Buying Guide

There are Acoustic, Electric and Classical guitars which one should I buy?

Ok to make this really simple, If your a first time buyer then I highly recommend buying a Nylon String or Classical guitar. See picture below.

classical pic

There are lots of advantages to buying a Nylon String or Classical guitar.

  1. They’re cheaper to buy than other types of guitar.
  2. You can still play any type of music on them.
  3. The spaces between the strings are wider so chords are that much easier to play.
  4. The strings aren’t as painful to push down on. BIG!! factor for absolute beginners.
  5. Guitar shops usually only stock classical guitars in smaller sizes.
  6. The body of nylon string guitars are usually smaller so they are easier to hold.

What Size Guitar Should I Get?

This all depends on the age/size of the student. Below you’ll see a rough guide.


Quarter ¼ Size Guitars
Player Height – 80cm to 120cm
Age – 3 to 5

Half ½ Size Guitars
Player Height – 110cm to 140cm
Age – 5 to 8

Three-quarter ¾ Size Guitars
Player Height – 130cm to 150cm
Age – 8 to 12

Full 4/4 Size Guitars
Player Height – 150cm +
Age – 12+

In this video on you tube we see a good example of a child trying out the different sized guitars in a local guitar shop. I highly recommend following this example when buying in your own local shop.

For more information about buying a guitar, please feel free to get in touch via the contact details below.

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