Please Read Before Your First Lesson

Lessons are €15 per half hour (or €20 per 45mins).
The lessons follow the school calendar i.e stop for mid terms, Christmas holidays etc. Adults and very devoted students can continue through the Summer.

Cancelations with notice during the school calendar are €10. Cancelations without notice are €15. Students can of course stop anytime.

Students will need a tablet/PC to do their practice on as the teaching materials (videos, documents) are on my website. For students who are doing lessons remotely through video, 2 devices will be needed. One to interact with me during the lesson and one for the teaching materials.

Students will need to dedicate at the very least a half hour every week day or about 2 1/2 hours a week to acieve any meaningful progress. Students who are consistantly not putting work into their lessons will be given a chance to show their commitment but failing that their time slot will be given to the next student.

My location can be found on Google maps with the eircode P51 X6N4. Other wise if you drive through glanworth village facing kildorrey, look for a small sign that says ‘cars only’ and take that road. Keep straight until you see a small bridge with traffic lights and then cross that bridge. My house is the very next right. It’s a cream cottage with pebble dash on the house walls. You’ll see a sign fixed to the perimeter wall of the house aswell.

Please text me that you’ve read and are ok with the above conditions. If you need anymore information please let me know.