Your new chord at this level is A minor. Which is written short hand like this Am. Notice it’s sadder, darker sound.


Play along to the chord exercises below. Try to stay in time with the track as best you can. Your target is to be able to play along to all the tracks until bar 40. These exercises will have you playing your songs much more quickly than just song practice.

Concentrate on your 3rd finger (ring finger) while playing the chord change G and Am.

G to Am Chord Practice

C to Am Chord Practice

F to Am Chord Practice


Now we add the A note.


Play the two C major scales that you learned at level1 to this track. Try to play a note to every click but then try to leave occasional gaps to create phrases.

Your first minor scale is called the A minor scale. Notice that this scale has a darker, more sad sound like the chord. Before you play to the track, practice playing up and down the scale.

A minor scale along one string. This scale is moveable on the guitar.
Play the A minor scale along to the backing track. Just like with the C major scale, try to play a note to every beat but this time try to leave occasional gaps to create phrases.

This version of the A minor scale is played accross 3 strings.
Play both versions of the A minor scale to this track.Try to play a note to every beat but then try to leave occasional gaps to create phrases.


Let It Be – The Beatles – Video & Chord Sheet

Magic – Rude – Video & Chord Sheet

Vance Joy – Riptide – Video & Chord Sheet

Will Ye Go Lassie Go – Chord Sheet

Anne Marie – 2002 – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Harry Styles – Sign Of The Times – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

One Republic – Counting Stars – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Passenger – Let Her Go – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Cold Play – Yellow – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Sam Smith – Stay With Me – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Moving – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Train – Hey Soul Sister – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Spancil Hill – Chord Sheet (Print Out)

Beauty And The Beast – Chord Sheet (Print Out)