As someone who still remembers the joys of initially picking up and learning the instrument, I understand how much fun it can be and I always make sure that every student I teach developes the same love for music. I have perfected my teaching over the years and created innovative strategies to enable students glide easily over tricky spots and pass smoothly through learning curves which keeps them confident and happy with their playing. My lessons cover a wide variety of guitar and musical aspects, including;

  • Easy ways to do chords so that you can play the songs you want within a few days
  • Finding the right rhythm pattern for the songs you want to play
  • How to improvise and create your own music
  • Work out and play your favourite songs on your mp3 player by ear
  • Understanding chords and guitar tab notation so you can google and play songs from the internet
  • Musical Theory that will save you having to remember chords to your favourite songs
  • Scales and soloing that will dazzle your friends
  • Left and right hand techniques (hammer ons/pull offs, alternate picking, legato playing)
  • Alternate styles and genres (pop, Irish trad, country, acoustic finger-picking, blues, rock and heavy metal)

And much, much more…
For more information about Dan’s lessons in Glanworth Fermoy please get in touch via the contact details below.

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