Matched (Germanian) Grip

  1. Hold out your hand with your palm facing down.
  2. Pick up the drumstick with your thumb and index finger.
  3. Find the balance point of the stick with the same two fingers.
  4. Curl your other fingers underneath the stick while keeping your thumb and index at the balance point.The balance point is where the stick pivots from when you hit a drum.

Hitting The Drums

It’s important to bounce the stick when you strike a drum. Aim for the middle of the drum and strike with the tip of your stick. Cymbals are usually hit by the shoulder of the stick.

Have a Go!

  1. Practice picking up the stick and finding the balance point.
  2. See if you can name the four main parts of the drumstick.
  3. Practice striking a drum while using Matched Grip and bouncing the stick.


Each piece of the drum kit sits at a different level on the music staff according to the height it is on the drum kit (eg. the Bass drum sits at the bottom while the Crash Cymbal is at the highest point).


Rudiments: Single stroke
Rudiments are drumming exercises which are great for warming up and practicing good stick technique. The first of these is the Single Stroke Roll. Have a go at the following exercise while counting to four steadily (R = right hand stroke, L = left hand stroke). Use the metronome tracks below to keep your timing steady.

100 bpm

140 bpm