• Learn in the shortest time possible with a teacher who’ll walk you through every step of the way.

  • Get the best value around with €20 per 30-minute lesson.

  • Be the life & soul of the party by leading the singsong with your new skill.

  • Free online materials so no need for costly books & over 60 play along videos to guide your home practice between lessons (Guitar & Bass).

  • Play with other musicians at the same level as you or just play at home for fun.

  • Record your own track on our fundraising charity CDs and help those in need through music.

The guitar is notorious for being difficult to learn in the beginning. It’s difficult to get in tune, it’s hard on the fingers, the chord shapes are intimidating, it’s no wonder 99% of self-taught guitarists quit in the first month! Even if you have been playing for a while it’s painful when you hit that wall, and you get stuck in a rut.

Our guitar tutor Dan Buckley has literally taken hundreds of students and walked with them through the process of learning the guitar & bass step by step. In the 15 years he has been teaching he has developed a curriculum that is extremely versatile and caters to the different tastes his students demand of him. From Ed Sheeran to Christy Moore to Metallica and much more.


After working with Dan for a couple of months, I’ve begun playing the guitar better than I ever would have expected. His patience, step-by-step process and knowledge of music not only had me playing popular songs after a couple of weeks, but gave me a greater understanding of how the whole guitar itself works. Dan is always available to help out and answer any questions, and I look forward to each session every week. 5 Stars.

Sean Lancaster , Mitchelstown - Google Reviews

Extremely good teacher, good communicator, breaks the guitar down to make it simple to learn. Laid back sessions while pushing your limits on the guitar each week. Would highly recommend. 5 stars

David Chambers, Fermoy - Facebook & Google Review

Dan taught my 2 kids guitar for a number of years , he has an amazing teaching technique, a lot of patience, and most importantly he took an interest in my kids music interests and devised the lessons around songs that they wanted to learn which kept them motivated to practice and learn the guitar. I would highly recommend Dan. 5 stars

Clodagh Finn, Glanworth - Google Reviews

Professional lessons from one of the best guitarists around. Highly recommended. 5 stars

Eamon Connery, Kilfinan - Facebook Review

Dan is a great teacher. He gave clear, easy to follow instructions. He made learning the guitar very enjoyable. He was very accommodating, offering lessons in person and via Skype. For anyone short on time this is a great option. I would highly recommend him. 5 stars

Tracey Fraher, Ballyhooly - Google Reviews

You can listen to some of our current students here on our latest charity CD.


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Yes! We have taught loads of guitar and piano students who have never played an instrument before. We will take you through everything you need to know to play like your music heroes! You won’t stay a beginner for long.

We are located in Glanworth Fermoy County Cork Ireland. You can see the precise location of our teaching studio by clicking here.

Not at all, I have guitars here that you are more than welcome to use for the first lesson! I can then give you a €5 voucher for a guitar purchase in Tom Baylors music shop in fermoy.

I’m asked this question so much I created a separate webpage to help you. Click here for details.

Absolutely! We are currently doing both online and on-site guitar lessons.

We don’t offer house call lessons.


  • Learn simplified versions of chords and the fastest way to learn them, so you can play songs within a week!

  • Learn the tricks of the trade that only working musicians know that save time and simplify everything!

  • Avoid bad habits and injury by having a professional guide your progress.

  • Learn how chords and scales work together!

  • Learn how easy it is to build scales and keys and how to use them correctly.

  • Learn how different styles of music are put together. We’ll look under the bonnet so to speak and de-mystify completely how the guitar is played!

  • Throw away that guitar chord book and learn how easy it is to build chords yourself with some simple music theory.



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