1. Sit at the piano and find the group of two black keys.
  2. Look for the white key that is just to the left of those two black keys. This is the C note.
  3. Put your right hand thumb on the C note. This is your starting finger.
  4. Count up four white keys from the C note (1, 2, 3, 4). This is the G note. Put your pinky finger on the G note.
  5. Count up two white keys from the G note (1, 2). This is the E note. Put your middle finger on the E note.
  6. Press down on all three keys (C, E, and G) at the same time with your fingers.
  7. You just played a C major chord! It should sound like a happy and bright sound.

Remember to keep your fingers curved, and your wrists relaxed while playing the chord. Have fun playing the piano and exploring different chords!