Barre chords are basically moveable open chords. We start with the open chords E major and E minor. These chords can be moved up and down the E string using our first finger as a barre. When we do this, we get to play every major and minor chord along the E string. Next we look at the open chords, A major and A minor. These chords can be moved up and down the A string using our first finger as a barre. Using both E-shaped and A-shaped barre chords, we can basically play any major or minor chord we like.

To begin learning barre chords we start by barring across 3 strings. Start at about the 12th fret and pick through the 3 strings as best you can. When you feel they sound good try the fret below and do the same thing. Keep following this process until you can do it on the 1st fret. When you can achieve this try 4 strings and so on until you can it with 6 strings. Finally, try your first barre chord the minor 7.

Once comfortable with the minor 7 barre chord, next try the full E minor shaped barre chord. Then the E major shaped barre chord. Then the A minor shaped, and then the A major shaped.


Above you can see one of the most useful major scale shapes that you can use to visualize the chords in a key. The square notes 1 4 5 represent the major chords and the 2 3 6 notes represent the minor chords. 1 Major 2 minor 3 minor 4 Major 5 Major 6 minor 7 minor 7 b5



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