Play these notes in the LEFT  HAND separately, from C up to Bb back down to E (Use the correct fingering – notice you swivel on your thumb up to the Bb back to the G)

Remember – play C, then E, then G, then A, then Bb, then A again, down to G, and E – REPEAT

Now play a RIGHT-HAND C chord (at middle C) IN BETWEEN each of the left-hand notes. This is the ALTERNATING BOOGIE RHYTHM.

The above way is the easiest way to play this rhythm, but the Jerry Lee Lewis way is to play 2 Right-hand chords for each left-hand note. (8 HALF BEATS per bar)

Now that you can play the sequence using the chord of C, try transposing it all to the chords of F and G. Notice that all three patterns are almost IDENTICAL but the G pattern ends on a white note instead of a black note

Now try the Jerry Lee Lewis style blues tune.

Now try it with just a metronome
C /// C/// C/// C///
F/// F/// C/// C///
G/// F/// C/// G///